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Nugget Ice Maker 44Lbs.

Make Soft & Chewable Nugget Ice at Home with This Self-Cleaning Countertop Ice Maker!

- Soft and chewable pellet ice is ideal for cocktails, smoothies, and other beverages.
- Self-cleaning function ensures the machine is easy to maintain.

This Nugget Ice Maker with Soft & Chewable Pellet Ice is the perfect addition to any home kitchen, office, bar, or party. This countertop ice machine is compact, efficient, and self-cleaning, making it easy to use and maintain. It can produce up to 44lbs of ice per day, so you'll never run out. The included ice scoop and basket make it easy to serve up the perfect amount of ice for any occasion. Its soft and chewable pellet ice is perfect for making smoothies, cocktails, and more. With its easy-to-use design and efficient performance, this ice maker is sure to be a hit at any gathering.