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Village 44Lbs Nugget Ice Maker

Make Soft & Chewable Nugget Ice Anytime, Anywhere with the FREE VILLAGE 44Lbs/24H Portable Nugget Ice Maker Countertop!

- Portable Design: This ice maker is lightweight and compact, making it easy to move from one place to another.
- Self-Cleaning: This ice maker features a self-cleaning cycle to keep it clean and hygienic.

This Nugget Ice Maker Countertop is the perfect addition to any home or office. It produces up to 44lbs of ice per 24 hours, and the nugget ice it makes is soft and chewable, perfect for cocktails and smoothies. The self-cleaning function makes it super easy to maintain, and the quiet operation won't disturb your peace and quiet. It even comes with an ice scoop and basket for easy access to the ice. With this convenient and stylish ice maker, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks any time you want. Perfect for home, office, bar, and party use, this ice maker is a must-have for anyone who loves nugget ice.